The Iraq Photo Archive is a crowd-sourced collection of images of Iraq submitted by Iraqis around the world. The collection is currently interested in images from across the 20th Century, and aims to create a space of representation where authentic images of Iraq life and culture can be shared and celebrated. It welcomes submissions of any size and is open to research, collaboration, and exhibition opportunities. All images remain the property of the contributors.


The Iraq Photo Archive was created in 2019 by Basil Al-Rawi during the first phase of his practice-based PhD research at the School of Simulation and Visualisation at the Glasgow School of Art. It formed part of a participatory project which invited contributors to take part in a filmed conversation about their memory of a photographic moment, giving voice to intangible and visually unrepresented elements. These recorded conversations, together with the original photograph, were remediated into a digitally constructed virtual memoryscape called House of Memory

The ongoing project is concerned with building collective community histories and counter narratives, forming wider understanding of Iraqi stories beyond one-dimensional media representations, and challenging the dominant representation of Iraqi environments and culture within computer generated media such as video games.

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